Monday, September 04, 2006


My first ever blog! Am working as an English teacher in Bangkok at the moment. Fantastic place. Any other Thai lovers out there. Used to live in Japan before


Anonymous said...


I look forward to what you have to say on this blog. I spent some wonderful time in Thailand a few years ago, and enjoy keeping tabs on what's happening on that side of the globe.

I also poked around the personal website you listed on your profile and have a question for you, if it's not too personal: how do you finance all the traveling you have done? I have spent some quality time in several countries myself, but am always interested in learning a new technique or two.


tropicalrob said...

Hi Brian,

Nice to meet you. Sounds like we have similar interests - travelling and philosophy. I like the sound of some of the places you've been to, particularly Venezuela. Amazingly, I've never actually been to America, either north or south, but hope to get out there one day.

Luckily, as an English teacher, I've always managed to get quite long holidays, and while in Japan I earnt pretty good money, so it was never a problem to finance my trips. However, now that I'm in Thailand it's a little trickier. But it's a great place to be!