Thursday, May 03, 2007


Hi Folks,

It's certanly a long time since I've done any blogging, so I'd better get back to it! Well my latest trip was just down the road to Phuket, well trodden territory indeed. Nevertheless I was interested to see how far it had come since the tsunami. In fact, I had been there just three days before that terrible event. I'm pleased to say you wouldn't even know it had happened. In fact, it's probably even more developed now than before, particularly along Karon beach.

I rode right around the island, and must say you never really feel you're completely away from it, unlike Koh Samui, where you really can get that feeling on its west coast. Nevertheless, I enjoyed my stay and found a few side paths that offered real isolation and seclusion. But generally, I'd say don't come here if you're looking for solitude or something different.

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