Friday, March 28, 2008

Koh Chang

Hi Bloggers,

I've just spent a few days on Koh Chang on the S.E. coast of Thailand. It was the first time I'd been there, and I must say it was really idyllic, much less developed than Phuket or even Koh Samui. In fact, it's rather like Koh Samui was about ten years ago.

There are some important differences, though. The main one is the hilly nature of the place. It makes for some really spectacular views, but also some pretty hair-raising experiences if you're on a motorbike! Also the beaches aren't quite as good as those on the more reknowned islands. Mind you, this is compensated for by the dense jungle interior and some fine waterfalls.

Vacationing back in the U.K. now before stopping-over in Cairo on the way back.


Gerrit said...

Idyllic indeed! A travel destination to add to the long list of places to go. Wouldn't want to get stranded there as a Robinson Crusoe unless of course with female companion ship.
I look forward to your posting on Egypt! Cheers,

X-TraordANNary said...

Hi Robert!!!

how have ya been??

ive been doin fine and busy

my semester just started..(( past sim ok.. -_-")

yeah it's just a first week of study everythin seems complicated and not getting in shape yet..

huhh so's class?? give my best regards to them k??

soooo take care urself and talk to u soon..good night!!!

tropicalrob said...

Hi Ann,

Yes, I wondered where you were! Good luck in the new semester. What's your subject again? Sorry, forgot!!

By the way, I tried to open your blog, but couldn't. You might need to check your settings.

Talk soon,