Sunday, April 27, 2008


Hi Bloggers,

I just recently got back from Egypt and one of the highlights was most definitely Luxor. The temples and tombs are well documented, so rather than bore you with more about them, I thought I'd tell you something about the place itself.

The town itself was a real delight. It's a simple trading town, lazy and laid back, traditional yet not without modernity, no doubt due to the constant flow of tourists through it.

Main Soukh

The soukhs are particularly atmospheric, even though it is mostly artifacts and souvenirs for tourists they're selling. And the setting by the Nile really does give it some extra beauty. In fact, it's the kind of place it'd be nice to hang out in for a while, doing nothing special.

Traditional hamlet

Equally interesting for me were the hamlets around the town, particularly on the West Bank. I chose to ride around on a rented bike, and I think passing through those villages, little changed for centuries, was almost as interesting as the ancient stuff. And one could get away from those never ending busloads of tourists!

The wonderful Nile

Anyway, here's some of the touristic stuff, the real reason people come here.


Gerrit said...

The photo of the Main Souhk most atmospheric indeed! Cycling around a hamlet isn't that extremely dehydrating? You must have had a big water bottle with you I suppose.

tropicalrob said...

Hi Gerrit,

Yes, very atmospheric. And for sure, had a couple of bottles of water. Luckily in April it's not that hot and it's dry heat there, which is much easier to handle than humid heat. Hope to get some pics of Cairo up soon.


Genchiro said...

Hi Robert,
thanks for your response.
As I mentioned earlier, I went cycling again, this time you can see the location at:,139.175491&spn=0.196743,0.319977&z=12