Monday, April 13, 2009

Come on, you reds !! - Red Shirts part 2

Hi Bloggers,

Well, things have certainly escalated, which is hardly surprising. Anyway, as soon as I heard this morning that there had been clashes between the army and protesters, I got straight out to places where I thought the action would be. Unfortunately, I missed the main place, the Din Daeng intersection, near Victory Monument. Still, I got some quite interesting shots.

I went out there on my bike, which was a shrewd move as it enabled me to slip through barricades, etc. It seems a lot of main roads have been blocked with buses commandeered by the protesters. One of my favourites too - the 511. Best bus in Bangkok!! It'll take you all the way from Pinklao over the river, right down to Siam and all the way along Sukhumwit. Beat that!

Probably the most interesting event I saw was when a whole group of police walked out from the parliament area showing solidarity with the red shirts (see video). I saw no actual violence, though I've heard that some shots have been fired in the Din Daeng face off.

Interestly, the Songkran water throwing festival is going on at the same time. The political events certainly don't seem to have dampened the Thais' enthusiasm for a party!
Will update as soon as I can.

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Sren said...

What a turbulent political life there! In a way it's good people are politically aware and active. Certainly doesn't harm democracy, the buzz word all around the world of today. Great you could show us that video clip. Have you tried to send one in to i-report on CNN?
Keep up the adventurous life there in BKK!