Saturday, August 20, 2011

Zanzibar - Island and Beaches

Hi Bloggers,

The Stone Town was obviously one of the highlights of Zanzibar, but equally impressive was the island's interior and its famous beaches. The East African coast is genuinely blessed with the kind of white caster sugar sand associated with tropical paradises.

I rented a motobike (see pic), but frankly I don't recommend this, as it was definitely faulty and broke down a couple of times. Once in a village, in fact, which could have been a scary experience for a more paranoid person. But instead of seizing this golden opportunity to rob and loot a helpless tourist, the locals were actually really helpful, and got me up and running again. Before coming to Africa I had been warned of the crime rate, but once again I experienced nothing but warmth and hospitality. In fact, if I have learnt anything from all my travel experience, it is that man's nature is fundamentally good and that the criminal is reviled in all societies, even the poorest and most primitive.

Anyway, I certainly enjoyed riding through the lush tropical fields and forests, passing by and occasionally stopping in incredibly quaint villages. The most interesting ones were probably the fishing ones. As for the beaches, they were just awesome, and happily with hardly anyone there. Mind you, it was low season. Rainy season, in fact, which I discovered the hard way.

So, all in all, I'd thoroughly recommend a trip to the fabled spice island of Zanzibar!



Sren said...

Most uplifting to read you were treated so well. I guess it depends a lot on your attitude and yours is with a fearless smile, perhaps the best of all...

Fulminator said...

Fascinatins stuff, ToipicalRob. Given I'm nervous about venturing out in London, now that it has become one of the most criminal and violent cities in Europe, I think I'll let you visit the really nerve-wracking parts of the world and just read your reports!

What you say about all societies detesting criminals is really interesting: I think it's an absolutely natural human emotion, which makes it hard to understand why some societies are so crime-ridden. Bad government, I guess.

One thing i wondered: were there other people as "adventurous" as you knocking around during your travels? And which exotic location are you planning to visit next? I shall enjoy reading about it.

Great pix, by the way.

tropicalrob said...

Thanks for your complimentary and intelligent remarks, Fulminator!

Ironically, I'd say you're more likely to get mugged in London or New York than in many developing countries! Lol.

When in Kenya, I also visited the Kibera slum, which was a real eye opener. Coming up soon on my next blog, I hope.

Didn't see too many other people like me, but no doubt there are. Most people, unfortunately, seem to go for these crummy package tours.