Wednesday, February 01, 2012


Hi Bloggers,

Nothing much going on here at the moment. Just the usual daily plod of going to work and earning a living. Unfortunately, Bahrain isn't the most exciting place to be. Of course, there are the continuing demonstrations from the Shia community, but the police seem to have a cap on the situation and it's difficult to seeing anything major developing, even though the anniversary of last years rising is coming up pretty soon.

I often think about my role as an EFL teacher and I think we must be the most underpaid professionals anywhere in the world. We're still basically treated as a bunch of ex-hippies or backpackers. Ok, that may be where many of us came from, but it's certainly not true now. We all have degrees and professional qualifications. If you meet an ex-pat in banking or oil or law in the pub, you just hope they don't ask you what you do. They must absolutely scoff at our wages, and think we're a bunch of complete dickheads. Most of them earn about 3 or 4 times as much. We just seem to be chucked a few peanuts, not even a full bag!

Anyway, enough whingeing! Last month I finally got around to buying a motorbike, like I always promised I would. It's nothing special, just a Honda 125, but has certainly opened up new possibilities. Mind you, the roads here in Bahrain are dangerous, and crossing lanes is always a scary business. Either way, I'm certainly not going to stop cycling. Cycling must still be one of the best ways of maintaining general aerobic fitness over a long period of time.

Stay cool.


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