Friday, March 22, 2013

It's a Boy !!

Hi Bloggers,

It really is along time since I last blogged.  I got so bogged down in my dispute with the British Council and my new job in Saudi Arabia that I completely forgot to mention maybe the most important event of my life, the birth of my son!  Well, he's five months now and growing fast.  In fact, he's quite big for his age and is already trying to walk.

Of course, I'm a pretty late runner, and one thing that really surprises me now is how I spent so many decades being single.  Getting married and having a son has really given me something to live for.  In fact, really my whole life is geared towards them now.  I certainly wouldn't want to go back to the narrow self-focused life style of a single man again.  I think to justify being single you need to make your life highly meaningful in some other way, either through some large scale philanthropic or altruistic activity, like some of the world's richest are doing now, Bill Gates, etc.  Or through becoming a monk or great spiritual teacher.  Otherwise, what would your legacy be?

Unfortunately, I'm temporarily separated from them, working here in Saudi Arabia.  But to be honest I wouldn't want to bring them here to such a boring and repressive country.  Luckily, I've had what I hope is a good business idea, being to buy a teaching franchise in Bangkok.  If all goes to plan we can all reconvene there as a happy family within a few months!

My legal case against the British Council is now basically over.  It ended as a kind of draw.  Neither side can really claim victory, but at least I made a few points.  I doubt if anything will change within the BC, though! In some ways it was a blessing in disguise losing my job at the BC, as it really galvanised me into action.  I've discovered there's a whole world outside the BC, which isn't always obvious when you're in it.

So thinking and moving forward again!


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Mike at Earthdrifter said...

Congrats Rob! Good luck in the tropics!