Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Back in Thailand

Hi Bloggers,

As usual, haven't been blogging as much as I should.  Maybe it's because I feel obligated to put up good pictures on each post, and that can be time consuming.  But anyway, another major change has occurred in my life.  I'm now back in Thailand getting ready to purchase a teacher training franchise I bought.   I've never tried running my own business before, so it's a genuine case of uncharted waters for me.  Even if I'm not profitable I'm sure it'll be a useful learning experience for me.

I spent a month back in the Philippines with my family before coming over.  My wife and kid will join me as soon as I've got the flat ready and the visa sorted.  Very nice flat too. I'm in the same block of flats as I was before.  I'm high up with a great view of the pool.  It's in the thick of the entertainment area, but there are so many nice places to go to around here, cafes, restaurants, bars, malls and a couple of exquisite parks.  There's even a kindergarten for my boy.

While back in the Philippines, I noticed Manila was coming on leaps and bounds, even though those huge areas of sprawling urban chaos still abound.  It's got a way to go before it catches up with Thailand, though.

Will get pics up soon.


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