Friday, November 28, 2008


Hi Bloggers,

It's sad to be following the events in Mumbai. I actually went there about three years ago and must say it's my favourite big city in India. This is the second time Mumbai's been hit, as there were the train bombings a couple of years ago, if you remember. I wish I could say something constructive, but that's pretty difficult with this Islamic terrorism. How can anyone believe that killing innocent people is God's will? What kind of God do they worship? Certainly not one worth worshipping in my book! Do they really believe they will go to Heaven with all that blood on their hands?

Anyway, I've put a couple of my own pics of Mumbai, for all they're worth. Walking around Mumbai is a bit like being in a London mark II. There are so many old colonial buildings there, and in great shape too, which strongly contrasts with Calcutta, where everything is completely dilapidated and in a total state of disrepair. In fact, I've never seen such ubiquitous poverty as I did in Calcutta. I think everyone should go there once in their life if only for educational purposes. You'll never complain about your lot again!

But, getting back to Mumbai, the city has a terrific buzz to it, being not only the commercial hub for India, but also having Bollywood based there. And, of course, there's all the usual markets and colour you'd expect in India, plus the bay, Chowpatty Beach and the Maidan with its never ending cricket. It's also got Asia's largest slum, Dharavi (see link on side bar for pics)!

Anyway, let's hope they can sort it out in Mumbai and that the city will recover despite this tragic, needless and pointless loss of life.


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Helen said...

I was teary eyed when i saw what was going on in Mumbai..and the rest of the world.God will not produce people on earth if there is no bounty to share and these people must learn that sharing,understanding,giving, forgiving and patience is what will make their country and any country less susceptible to anger,retaliations, power hunger, and unnecessary hatred especially coming from the leaders and politicians.
Thank you for showing not just your travelling comments but also your concern and distaste for all these ignorant, selfish and blood hunger group.