Wednesday, November 26, 2008

PAD Thai

Hi Bloggers,

So the farce continues! The PAD are starting to show their true credentials now. They've taken over Bangkok airport, disrupting all departures, thereby threatening further the already diminished tourist trade. Is this good for Thailand?

Surely this alone makes you wonder whether they really have the welfare of Thailand at heart or just care about seizing power, by hook or by crook. Attacking the airport is certainly a most bizarre choice. They've probably chosen it because it was one of Thaksin's pet projects, indeed one of his most successful.

The truth of the matter is that they are just plain bad losers. Their party lost a perfectly fair democratic election. Rather than face this and try to win the bulk of the population over through creative campaigning, they have resorted to bully boy methods. This has been possible largely due to the fact that most PPP supporters are based outside Bangkok. What would happen if the PPP set up similar demonstrations? We would have complete chaos with street fighting and, who knows, even the possibility of civil war!

Remember also that the kind of democracy the PAD want is one of representation for the various "interests" in the country. They would do away with the "one man one vote" system, making sure that the rural poor play a much lesser role in elections and political life in general. How democratic is this?

I've put a picture of a plate of Pad Thai for this blog, as I feel it's a highly appropriate symbol for the PAD. While Pad Thai is a tasty staple Thai dish, it's definitely considered slightly downmarket and rather messy - greasy too, in my opinion. I must admit I hardly ever order it, preferring more exotic dishes like Tom Yam Kung or Thai Green Curry.

As far as the tourist situation is concerned, clearly the global economic crisis is effecting numbers. Technically it's high season, but most locals are saying that numbers are little better than in low season. Mind you, as an expat here, I'm not complaining too much about that!

The next few days should be genuinely interesting.

Beautiful weather at the moment, by the way.



Bangkok.Ian said...

Interesting piece Robert, I have had a rant on my blog too and similarly predict civil war soon. I think the death of the present king, and it doesn't matter how hard they shout 'long live the king', he is mortal; 82 years old and in frail health.

I have also decided to refer to the former Siam as Toyland until they put their house in order.

There! I've had another rant, feel free to delete if too controversial, but I am sick of pandering to their fragile sensibilities and think it high time they became more tolerant. I have had to put up with being an 'alien' and reporting evry 90 days for 10 years. There! I've had another.

tropicalrob said...

Hi Ian,

Thanks for the remarks. Couldn't agree more!

You're lucky to be going only every 90 days. For most of us at the BC it's once a month now!