Friday, June 26, 2009


Hi Everyone,

Has anyone noticed all the BNE graffiti that's begun to hit the city. There's some of it right near where I live, in Sukhumwit Soi 6 (see pic). No-one really knows who's doing it or what the letters stand for. Is it political, environmental, artistic or just plain egotistical? No-one knows. Apparently it began in San Francisco and is now in places as far afield as London and Tokyo too.

What do you think it stands for? Any ideas? Is it the artist's initials? Could it be a slogan, like Ban Nuclear Energy or a name like Brian Nigel Evans or a philosophical statement like Be Nowhere Else. There's often a crown above the letters too.

Anyway, yesterday CNN were down there asking people to say what they think it stands for. I'm proud to say I was interviewed by Dan Rivers himself. Mind you, I was caught cold and couldn't think of any sensible combination. I came up with some rubbish like British New Europeanism! which clearly isn't the solution!

Soi 6 is, of course, a lane of derelict buildings and wasteland. You can see it from the Nana skytrain. It's been like that since the financial crisis of 1997. There's a family of dogs in there that I often feed. I'll show them on my next blog.



Helen of Joy said...

interesting...maybe Bless Nations Everywhere? I like to think POSITIVE! JUST ME>>>Born Naturally Ecstatic >>>HELEN E.<<<<

tropicalrob said...

Great suggestions, Helen !!

Bangkok.Ian said...

I think it may be a symptomatic of our greed. Banking not Enviroment!
Interesting phenomenon isn't it; rather like the kilroy was here graffiti that swept the world during the 40s and 50s.