Thursday, July 09, 2009

Soi Dogs

Hi Bloggers,

Following on from my last blog, where I mentioned that there was a family of dogs living in the derelict area in Soi 6, I thought I'd just put up a few pics of them.

Lovely animals they are. Dogs are definitely capable of feeling and showing love. I've grown quite attached to this pack since I've lived here and often go and feed them. There are five altogether in the family, but one has been ousted. Bernie (that's his name) was formerly top dog, but has now been banished to the sidelines. Siri, the white one, now rules the roost, to mix metaphors. Somchai, Greg and Kathy are the others.

Talk again soon,

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Sren said...

Yes, I remember very well the happy re-union with the dog and her puppies close to where you used to live in BKK. Keep up sending your loving feelings out!