Friday, November 26, 2010

November in the Gulf

Hi Bloggers,
November really is the most fantastic month imaginable here in the Gulf region. Temperatures have dropped to a comfortable mid 20's Celsius. Sunny days with cloudless skies and that terrible humidity now replaced by a lovely fresh breeze. You couldn't think up better weather even if you tried. It's in strong contrast to the crushing heat of the summer. I arrived here in April and haven't really known anything else but 40+ day-time temperatures. Let's hope this continues through the "winter"!

I've taken a few shots of Manama from Muharraq (above). I've tried to get the traditional fishing boats into the same picture as the skyscrapers and, of course, the bridge itself. Funnily enough, I always think the Financial Harbour Towers (middle right) look like a giant V-sign on the skyline. But that probably says more about me than actual reality! Interestingly, there are all these old fishing boats or dows, as they're called, dotted in stategic places around the sea front parts of Manama. At first, I thought they'd got stranded, but it is in fact a genuine and successful effort to be artistic.
Meanwhile, busy planning my trip to Africa at Christmas!

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